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Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia , Yerevan is also largest city of Armenia & a known as a city which is continuously inhabited since ancient period Yerevan is located besides the Hrazdan River, Yerevan is the administrative, intellectual & cultural & trade center of Armenia. Yerevan is a comfortable & secure destination where citizens reside at one speed whereas the travel & traffic goes at another speed. The civilizing life of Armenia is powerful for a metropolis of its dimension, including many of theatres , Galleries & Live concert halls, Night Clubs or Music Clubs Etc.
Famous Traveler Destinations In Armenia
Garni : Sight Seeing Place in Armenia
Gerghard : Sit seeing place in Armenia
Tsitsernakaberd : Sight Seeing Place in Armenia
Rebublic Square : Sight Seeing Place in Armenia
Garni Temple is known as first century Hellenic temple located near city of Garni, It is known as one of the Pagan temple in Armenia which was survived the Christianization of theArmenia. More.....

Geghard is the additional & unbelievable Armenian monastery which is in part s carved out of a mountain , Gerghard was made in 4th century, More..

Tsitsernakaberd is a monument devoted to the sufferers of the Armenian Genocide , Tsitsernakaberd is situated on a mountain with a view of Yerevan city ( Capital of Armenia ) . Each year on 24th April, thousands of Armenian citizens assemble here to memorize the sufferers of the year 1915 Armenian Genocide that happened in the Ottoman Kingdom conceded by the Turkish government. More..

Republic Square
Famous Republic Square is the biggest central place in Yerevan city of Armenia, Republci Square is devided by the streets of Abovyan, Nalbandyan, Tigran Mets etc. More..

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